9821 Dragon King Farm Crocodile Oil(Osmanthus)50ML

新加坡龙王 ●至尊鳄鱼油(桂花) ● 50ML
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SkinCareOsmanthus crocodile oil is suitable for all skin types. It has a good repair and nourishment effect on dry and aging skin, which can make skin smooth and delicate, and has excellent ability to promote cell regeneration. It can also promote blood circulation, improve cell tissue, stimulate skin vitality, accelerate skin blood circulation, and improve paleness.

Body Care Osmanthus crocodile oil can relieve bronchial activity an d can help cough, phlegm and smooth asthma. It can stimulate the circulation and promote the problems of blood circulation caused by weather, living habits and environmental factors. It also has a good reproductive and midwifery function. Women use it in the lower abdomen to regulate hormones and promote the regularity of the physiological cycle.

Spirit CareOsmanthus crocodile oil is an excellent emotional booster, which has a certain slowing effect on fatigue, headache and physical pain。

Package: 162g per/Box(50ml)

Size (mm): 60 x 150 x 40





包装: 162克 每/盒(50ml)

规格(mm): 60 x 150 x 40



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