7091 Dragon King Longjing Eight Treasure Tea 189G

新加坡龙王 ● 龙井八宝茶 ● 189克
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龙王龙井八宝茶 189g

Ingredients: Rock Sugar, Red Date, LongJing Tea, Dried Longan, Dried Raisin, Chrysanthemum, Wolfberry, Lotus Plumule.

Brewing Instructions: Pour a sachet of herbal tea into a cup. Add boiling water (about 250ml). Cover the cup and let the tea steep for 3 minutes before drinking. The tea can be rebrewed several times with adding some rock sugar for taste.

Package: 21gm x 9 sachets, 189G (6.6 Oz) / Bag

Size (mm): 315 x 232 x 20

成份: 冰糖,  红枣,龙井茶,桂圆干,葡萄干,杭白菊,枸杞,莲子心

冲泡方法: 把茶倒入杯中, 加入约250毫升的沸水, 盖上杯盖, 三分钟后即可享用.饮用第二次, 请加入冰糖.

包装:21克 x 9 袋装 / 包

规格(mm):315 x 232 x 20



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