9954 Sweet Garden Lotus Leaf Hawthorn Crystal Beverage 15gm x 20 bags

芗园红枣桂圆茶晶 15克 x 20袋装


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Ingredients: Sugar, Jujube Extract, Longan Extract, Black Bean Extract

Instruction: Pour 200ml hot (or iced) boiled water into one cup and stir/shake it. Relax and enjoy.

Package:15gm x 20 pack / Bag

Size (mm): 171 x 183 x 22

成份: 糖, 红枣, 桂圆, 黑豆 (浓缩萃取)

冲泡方法 : 每包(15g)加入200毫升温开水(或冰水) ,稍加搅拌或摇动, 即可享用.

包装: 15克 x 20袋装 / 包

规格 (毫米) : 171 x 183 x 22