9884 Dragon King Lily Medicated Oil 10ml


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Ingeridents: Lily Oil , Peppermint oil, Eucalyptus Blue Gum oil, wintergreenoil, White oil.

Indication: Soothe the mind , refreshing, flattulence, blocked nose, insect bites, dizzines.

Direction: Roll onto temple,behind of the earlobes or neck, or directly on the affected area and massage the area to enhance blood circulation for 1-2 minutes. 3 times daily or apply as needs.

成分: 百合花油,薄荷醇油, 蓝桉叶油, 冬青树叶油, 白油。

功效:舒解心情,清新醒脑, 祛风止痛, 伤分鼻塞, 蚊虫叮咬, 头昏脑胀。

用法用量: 涂于太阳穴, 耳垂或颈后,或直接涂于患处,按摩一到两分钟效果更佳。 每日三次或需求使用。