9868 Drogan King Pain Relief Plaster 5pcs


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Ingredient: Camphor, Mentha oil, Eucalyptus oil, Capsicum extract, Wintergreen oil, Boswellia oil, Myrrh extracts.

Effect: To improve blood circulation, ease movement of limbs, joints and relieve pain.

Instruction: One piece a day on the affected area (not more than 2 pieces a day) . For maximum benfit, wash and dry affected area before application.

成分:樟脑, 薄荷油, 桉叶油, 辣椒提取物, 冬青油, 乳香, 没药。

功效: 消瘀除肿,舒筋活血, 治跌打瘀伤。

用法: 每日贴用一片于患处(视症状,严重者每日可贴用两片,但不可超过两片)。 若要增强功效, 请将患部洗干净后再贴。