9867 Dragon King Farm Crocodile Oil 30ml

龙王牌正鳄鱼油(精髓) 30ml


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Ingredients: Pure Farm Crocodile Oil 100%

Indications: Dragon King Crocodile oil is a pure natural substance extracted from fine, selected fatty tissues of farm bred crocodiles. The oil has been used worldwide from a long time as natural beauty treatment. It is also beneficial for skin conditions, injuries and scars. It is effective in nourishing and moisturizing dry, rough and itchy skin, improving skin healthy condition, smoothening wrinkles, reducing dark spots, relieving sensitive skin and making skin radiant.

Directions: Apply appropriate amount to the affected area liberally. Use 3-4 times daily, or apply as needed. Shake well before use.

成份: 纯鳄鱼油100%

药理功能: 龙王鳄鱼油是一种纯天然物质,由经认证的农场精选的鳄鱼脂肪提炼而成。鳄鱼油的功用历经长期全球性的验证,具有自然美肤,改善皮肤症状及平复疤痕的功能。能有效地为干燥、暗淡、瘙痒、衰老损伤、敏感龟裂的皮肤注入滋润的水分和营养,改善皮肤的健康状态,除皱祛斑,舒缓肌肤敏感,使之润泽,靓丽。