7081 Dragon King Petai Root Tea 15 x 8g



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Petai Root is one of the rarest tropical rainforest herbal plants. The Petai trees are normally grown in mountainous terrains. The roots are collected and processed to an herbal tea pack. This product is blended with jungle guava and radix glycyrrhizae so as to produce the special aromatic taste.

Ingredients: Wild Petai Root, Guava & radix glycyrrhizae.

Usage: Use one tea-bag each time, with boiling water, steep for 5 minutes before serving. One tea-bag can be used several times. For best results, please drink the tea after meals.

Package: 8gm x 15 sachets / Box

Size (mm): 151 x 125 x 90



成份:臭豆根, 番石榴,甘草

冲泡方法:取一茶袋放入杯中,用沸水冲泡五分钟, 即可饮用.可连续冲泡几次.如想获得更佳效果, 建议饭后饮用.

包装:8克 x 15 袋装 / 盒

规格:151 x 125 x 90