1303 Japanese Roasted Houttuynia Cordata Tea 60g

日本内田焙煎鱼腥草茶 60g


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Uchida’s Roasted Tea is the health tea made from roasted herbal materials.

This product is especially recommended to those who are troubled with the problems such as shoulder stiffness, gastrointestinal disorder, fatigue, acnes, etc.

Health Benefits : promotes diuresis and detoxification, improves the metabolism and circulation, relieves constipation (not recommended when fasting)

内田的焙煎茶是将原材料进行焙煎后制成易饮用的健康茶。 本品特别推荐给被肩胛酸疼,胃肠紊乱,疲劳乏力,皮肤粉刺痤疮等问题所困扰的人们。

功效 : 利尿排毒,促进新陈代谢,改善便秘(尽量避免空腹饮用)