1302 Japanese Roasted Persimmon Leaf Tea 60g

日本内田焙煎柿叶茶 60g


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Uchida’s Roasted Tea is the health tea made from roasted herbal materials. This product is especially recommended to those who are troubled with the problems such as low blood circulation or bad breath, etc.

Health Benefits : rich in vitamin C, helps to prevent the generation of melanin, anti-speckle and whitening; relieves constipation and anaemia; prevents cold

内田的焙煎茶是将原材料进行焙煎后制成易饮用的健康茶。 本品特别推荐给被血流不畅,口气或体味较重等问题所困扰的人们。

功效 :含有丰富维他命C, 能抑制黑色素生成起到祛斑美白的效果;缓解便秘,预防感冒,改善贫血